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              Application Scope

                1. Pigmentation: Used for paint, printing ink, spray, rubber, plastics, art pigment and cosmetics, etc..

                2. Whiten: Ultramarine can remove the yellow light in the white products.

                3. Color modulation: Add ultramarine in black or gray can make the color softer.

                4. Other: Ultramarine can be used as the antioxygen for the perfluoro

                -resin, the catalyst for hydrodesulfurization, and be used to adsorb uranium from the sea water etc..

                5. The PVC can be used to: the occasions need migratory resistance, acid fastness, easily scatter, and steady quality.

                *Transparent (hard/soft) PVC6.6. calendered film

                *Transparent and hard PVC oil bottle

                *PVC profiled material for doors and windows

                *PVC tubular film (shrink film)

                *Transparent PVC soft tube/shoe

                6. The color fertile material grain/engineering plastic/polyolefin can be used to:

                *The occasions need easily scatter, steady quality, good heat stability, lightfastness, and migratory resistance under low density .

                *The color fertile material grain: can be used to the pigmentation of engineering plastic/ polyolefin.

                *Plastics metal alloy---

                * — Used for the ABS/HIPS/PP of work tool (light beautiful color).

                * — polyolefin: Many tones (such as: Pepsi-Cola blue), light beautiful color.


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